Intensive Care Medicine

Intensive care medicine is a branch of medicine board with the diagnosis and administration of life-threatening disease cases requiring organ support and invasive auditing. Patients requiring intensive care may compel support for instability, acute renal failure, respiratory compromise, lethal cardiac arrhythmias or the increasing effects of multiple organ failure, more frequently referred to now as multiple organ dysfunction syndrome. They may also be introduced for invasive auditing, such like the crucial hours after major surgery when allow too unstable to transfer to a less intensively auditor unit. Intensive care is usually only offered to those whose condition is potentially reversible and who have a good chance of surviving with intensive care support. A prime requirement for admission to an intensive care unit (ICU) is that the underlying case can be defeated. Critical care medicine is a relatively new but increasingly important medical specialty. Physicians with training in critical care medicine are referred to as intensivists.

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