Endocrinology is a branch of medicine and biology, which deals with the endocrine system and its diseases. It also deals with specific secretions known as hormones. Endocrinology specializations include comparative and behavioral endocrinology.  It is also concerned with growth and development, sleep, tissue function, respiration, digestion, mood, stress, excretion, lactation, behavioral and psychological activities of metabolism, reproduction and sensory perception caused by hormones. Endocrinologists are frequently involved with the management and diagnosis of

  1. Hypothalamic disorders
  2. Gonadal disease
  3. Pituitary diseases
  4. Parathyroid abnormalities
  5. Lipid metabolism
  6. Iatrogenic effect of glucocorticoids
  7. Pancreatic endocrine disease
  8. Thyroid diseases Adrenal cortex dysfunction

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